Get Playmakers are part of a “three for the price of two” promotion

Father’s Day is four days away. You’ve procrastinated, as you (and I) always do. It’s time to get that dad in your life his gifts.

Amazon has a promotion that includes a certain book you may have seen mentioned here once or twice, or more often, since it was released three months ago today.

You can get Playmakers as part of the three for the price of two promotion. Basically, pick three items. Pay for two of them.

There’s a wide array of options. Click here to see all of them. And then pick your three and pay for two. It’s like legal shoplifting. Sort of.

To be clear, we do not recommend nor condone going to the store, putting two items in your basket and one in your pocket. But that’s basically what Amazon is letting you do.

So let’s go do some shoplifting.

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